History of the Front

The Wolfenstein 3D Front is a Wolfenstein 3D page created and maintained by Tris. Trying to be rich in content, you can find stuff like utility downloads, numerous coding tutorials and Wolfenstein mods. The Wolfenstein 3D Front has its origins in 1998. Before this site, there were 2 separate sites; Mr. Lowe's Homepage and the Wolf3D Dome. Also known as Brian's yellow page, it went online in 1998 by Brian Lowe. This site introduced countless modders and players to the world of Wolfenstein 3D modification. Eventually morphed into the Wolfenstein 3D Dome in 2002, but kept existing, complete with updates and listings. Brian's websites were the most influential sites in the history of the Wolfenstein 3D modding community, crucial in the early days of Wolfenstein modding's presence on the internet as a site which provided links to the many, many individual modding websites hosted by individual modders, as well as download links for mods and utilities as they released. Started in 1998, the site soon grew out to the most-visited Wolfenstein site on the web. The Dome was a major site for chronicling the release and development of mods, the launch of new websites and forums, promote upcoming mods with screenshots or other promotional materials, and any other mod-related subject matter. It got to be such a cornerstone of the community that many modders would release their games solely by emailing them to Brian to be released through the Dome.

It was back in February 2001 that Brian and Tris started talking about a new website. At first we were going to use a combination of 'Mr. Lowe's Wolf 3D Page' and a new 'Source Code Page'. After various e-mails and telephone conversations, the idea arose to have one large Wolfenstein site. The ideas for it were quite clear in our mind; it's just that we didn't have the time. A few months and several title page designs later we both decided that we'd like something more professional and by June 'The Dome' was born. This first version had a dark red background and was still mostly made up of material from our original sites. Later on, the red background became blue and many more sections were added.

A year later, we made a new version, seen on the right in the screenshot below. This was updated until 2016. Unfortunately, life sometimes has its challenges. Brian had to step back from the community in 2016 due to health issues. Since then the Dome was dormant, with few websites about Wolfenstein 3D popping up since then.

Finally, in 2023 I took it upon myself to create a new Wolfenstein 3D Dome, resulting in the Wolfenstein 3D Front. A tribute to Brian and the enduring bond we share. A salute to the past, a celebration of friendship, and a thriving hub for everything Wolfenstein. I hope you like it!

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