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Wolf3D SNES versionSince its debut, Wolfenstein 3D has been adapted to various other platforms. In 1993, Alternate Worlds Technology licensed and transformed Wolfenstein 3D into a virtual reality arcade game. The 1994 Acorn Archimedes adaptation was carried out in the UK by programmer Eddie Edwards and published by Powerslave Software. By 1994, a Sega Mega Drive version was in the works by Imagineer, aiming for a September release. Unfortunately, it was scrapped due to technical issues. The 1994 Classic Mac OS edition of the game had three releases: The First Encounter, a shareware variant; The Second Encounter, featuring 30 exclusive levels; and The Third Encounter, containing all 60 levels from the DOS version. Atari had planned an Atari Lynx version of the game, but it never progressed beyond a few images. A 3DO version hit the shelves in October 1995. The Apple IIGS version was initiated in Fall 1994 by Vitesse, with Rebecca Heineman as the primary developer, and later graphics assistance from Ninjaforce Entertainment. However, due to licensing problems with id, it wasn't released until February 1998. Carmack himself programmed an open-source iOS version released in 2009.

An unofficial Game Boy Color port emerged in 2016. An Android version called Wolfenstein 3D Touch (later renamed ECWolf) was developed and published by Beloko Games. Other editions were released for Game Boy Advance (2002), Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network. These adaptations may differ in terms of sound, graphics, and levels from the original. Many of them include only the Apogee episodes, while the iOS port incorporates Spear of Destiny. Furthermore, a 2007 Steam release for PC, macOS, and Linux encompasses all of the FormGen episodes. In 2012, Bethesda Softworks, the parent company of id Software since 2009, marked the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D's launch by creating a free-to-play browser-based version of the game. However, the website hosting this version was taken down a few years later. Initially launched for MS-DOS and NeXTSTEP, the game has subsequently been adapted for various other systems such as Macintosh, Apple IIGS, Acorn Archimedes, NEC PC-9801, SNES, Jaguar, and GBA. In honor of the game's twentieth anniversary, an HTML5 port was made available on the Wolfenstein website.

Macintosh version
The Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D stands out with its distinct style. It's characterized by higher-resolution textures and sprites, measuring 128x128 pixels instead of the original 64x64. Additionally, this version introduces two new weapons: the Flamethrower and the Rocket Launcher. However, it's worth noting that the levels from Spear of Destiny and other recurring releases were not officially included in the Mac Family version. The Mac versions bring a different narrative, exploring new locations from the original game, each accompanied by unique mission briefings sent by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In a Mac bundle named the "Third Encounter," the original game (excluding specific story elements) was released. On the 3DO and Apple IIGS versions, the "Second Encounter" is referred to as the "Original Encounter," which also includes the original PC levels. This extension acts as a follow-up campaign/storyline, borrowing elements from the SNES version.

The First Encounter, Macintosh's shareware release, suggests that the three levels are merely the start of Castle Wolfenstein, with the protagonist yet to escape. However, the SNES and Jaguar adaptations differentiate Castle Dresden from Wolfenstein, with Wolfenstein visited in Mission 6, encountering Hitler/Staatmeister for the first time. This indicates a changed storyline in the Mac version, where the initial two encounters occur primarily in Castle Wolfenstein, differing from the version where B.J. roams around Germany/East Prussia. Other than these changes, the story remains quite minimal, devoid of mission briefings or ending screens.

1st Encounter
B.J. leaves destruction in his wake while striving to escape Castle Wolfenstein. He triumphs over the boss Hans Grosse in their first encounter, proving his superiority against the Nazi forces and his trusty Gatling gun. Although he conquers three levels in Castle Wolfenstein, escape remains elusive. His journey to exit the castle and return home continues.

Ultimately, he does succeed...

2nd Encounter
William "B.J." Blazkowicz serves the allies as their top operative and a one-man army. His mission: infiltrate Nazi Germany and take down the Fuhrer's SS fanatics. His first target: Hans Grosse, Hitler's ruthless commando, whose operations are based in a castle near Dresden. B.J. is tasked with traversing through stormtroopers to reach him. Defeating the boss, B.J. proves his dominance against the Nazi rabble and his powerful Gatling gun. Or does he?

After his initial victory, Blazkowicz is sent to Castle Erlangen to halt the Nazi scientists violating the Geneva Convention by creating nerve gases. His goal: seek and eliminate the source, Trans Grosse, the Kommandant of the SS Guard. The mission involves eliminating the man and destroying the nerve gas, a task vital for countless soldiers (this marks B.J.'s second encounter with Trans Grosse, the first being during his mission to acquire the Spear of Destiny in Castle Nuremberg).

Following his remarkable success against Trans's forces, operative Blazkowicz advances further into the castle (the same one?). His next mission seems almost unbelievable: he must halt the insane Doctor Schabbs, who uses a "Corposkinetic Animation Serum" to revive dead Nazi soldiers. B.J. is ordered to halt Schabb's horrific experiments.

After delivering blows to the Nazi war machine and defeating Dr. Schabbs's forces, Hitler's outrageous plan persists. B.J. journeys to East Prussia and the infamous Wolf's Lair, Hitler's War Room. There, the German General Staff keeps their strategic plans.

Guarding the plans is Doctor Schabbs's monstrous creation, the Übermutant, existing solely to serve the Nazi menace. B.J. is tasked with obtaining the plans, a feat for which the free world owes him a monumental debt (this is the second encounter with an Ubermutant for B.J., the first being at Castle Nuremberg).

The plans reveal the Nazis' initial attack strategy, already in motion. B.J. must venture to Castle Heidenheim to face the Nazi Leader, known only as the Death Knight. A challenging mission, reserved for Blazkowicz (this marks another encounter with the knight, first encountered at Castle Nuremberg).

With the allies dealing severe blows to his plans, Hitler unleashes desperate, brutal attacks on civilians. He makes his last stand at the legendary Nazi stronghold, Wolfenstein. B.J. is tasked with finding him and halting his devastation. The mission: terminate Hitler, as the lives of millions hang in the balance (while initially successful, Hitler's demise is not permanent, and he launches further operations to spread Nazism across Europe).

Following a month of missions, Roosevelt sends B.J. a final letter, acknowledging his role in saving countless lives. Thanks to B.J., the world has triumphed over the most terrible war in history (although prematurely stated, as the Reich's influence persists). Roosevelt credits B.J. with an unrepayable debt and hails him as a hero for the ages.

3rd Encounter
B.J. is once again dispatched to thwart Hitler's new scheme, this time known as Operation Eisenfaust. Unfortunately, he is captured before infiltrating Castle Wolfenstein and imprisoned in its dungeon. After defeating Hans Grosse once again, he escapes the castle and joins forces with the Underground. Confirming the existence of Operation Eisenfaust, they report gruesome human experiments near Castle Hollehammer.

B.J.'s task: journey to the castle and eliminate the sinister Dr. Schabbs before his undead armies wreak havoc. After a fierce battle, B.J. stands over Schabbs's grotesque body, relieved that the mission is finally over. His journals and equipment will be destroyed, and humanity will hopefully be safe from the mutant hordes.

Yet Nazi atrocities persist: as the Nazi war machine collapses, thousands are sent to death camps. Only one solution remains.

After defeating Dr. Schabbs, Hitler once again flees, retreating to the Reichstag and hiding in his massive Reich Bunker. As the Third Reich crumbles, B.J. is ordered to confront Hitler, assassinate him, and end his tyrannical rule. Following a grueling battle, the embodiment of evil, Adolf Hitler, lies defeated at B.J.'s feet. B.J. gazes down at the once-powerful dictator, his life extinguished, and grimly reflects on the victory. "Sieg heil ... huh. Sieg hell."

Nocturnal Missions (Third Encounter part 2)
Before his final encounter with Hitler, B.J. battles Nazis planning large-scale chemical warfare. He confronts Otto Giftmacher, Gretel Grosse, and General Fettgesicht.

The maps are substantially modified to suit different engines, likely adapted to limited CPU capabilities. For example, the maps tend to avoid excessively large rooms, favoring smaller divisions. Walls and objects are constrained, with fewer "sub models" for these elements. Enemies always face the player, akin to PC bosses. The walls, objects, items and bosses are a mixture of the original Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. The overall amount is very limited compared to the PC. Compared to the 2nd Encounter, the 3rd Encounter returns the dead guard and Pac-Man Ghosts.

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