Escape from Wolfenstein Level 2 (3.1.2)

This standard-affairs level has nothing majorly special. Just some first-appearances by keys and the Chaingun!


H1 - In this secret lies the treasured Chaingun! A powerful weapon indeed...
H2 - This level requires a key to exit, so remember to get it!


You enter this level in a small hallway with a door in front of you, and to your left. Skip the left, and go forward. In the room, a guard should be there waiting for you, so blow him away. Turn a corner and go through the door. You'll new enter a large hallway. Keep running straight to the door at the end of the hallway, and enter.

You'll be in another hallway, with some guards. Turn left, and enter the door in the blue-brick section. Here is a small hallway, with two others on the sides. Down the left one is a guard with some ammo. Collect it, but don't leave yet. the second brick in that little passageway is a secret! Push it, and reveal the prized Chaingun! You'll grin with delight! This gun comes in very handy later.

Exit the secret room, and leave the main room, opposite the way you came. You'll be set in a hallway with two directions to go, so head left. You'll enter another hallway. Keep going forward, but once you open the door, don't move. This room is quite large, and has a lot of enemies in it. If you haven't been wondering throughout the level, its also has the first appearance of the SS enemy. Always stay away from close-rage fire with these guys, they'll wipe you out easy. This is where the Chaingun comes in handy. Mow down all the enemies you see. It shouldn't take too long :-).

Turn right, past the hallway to your left, and you should see a door. Open it, and reveal an SS and Guard that are both guarding the Gold Key! Grab the key, and head back out. Remember, guards may still sneak up on you, so be prepared. In the big room, go forward, and turn the corner to your left. Go down the hall. You'll see a little room-extension there to your left, with guards there, so shoot them. Also, collect the treasure. Go back to the main hall, and enter the locked door. Some guards will be there, and the level exit.

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