Escape from Wolfenstein Level 1 (3.1.1)

Ok. Here it is. Your starter level. The beginning.

Notice the hot-spots. The red line is the direction you should go. If this all looks a little confusing, go to the appendix for a map legend.


H1 - Don't forget to kill the guard here and grab the ammo. You'll need it, since you've only got 8 bullets to start with.
H2 - The secret room here is very helpful, with some ammo, first aid kits, and the Machine Gun!
H3 - You can also access the Episode's secret floor from here (see section 3.1.10). Just open the secret rooms, and Voila!

Ok, you start in a cell with a dead guard lying there in front of you. First, walk forward and open the door to leave you cell. Easy, huh? There are a few more cells there in a hallway beside you, but turn right for now. A guard will be standing there, so kill him. Collect the ammo behind him. You'll need it, since you only have 8 bullets. Also collect his ammo. Grab the dinner if necessary, and go back to the cell hallway, and through the door in front of you. There should be another hallway here, so go down it and open the door.

Now you'll be in a large room, with a guard or two waiting for you there. Blow them away and go into the wooden-walled area. Inside is another hallway with two small one branching off from it. Kill the guard, and turn down the left mini-hallway. A guard should be there, so shoot him. But, don't walk away. Walk up to the Hitler portrait, and push it. It should open a secret room, with a very helpful weapon, the Machine Gun. Use it often. Now, exit the secret room, and go back out of the room here the opposite way you came.

Here, you'll enter another room, with some guards. Kill them, and you have an option between the left or right doors. Head left for the rest of the level, head right for some treasure and points.

Heading left, you enter a small hallway. Continue down it, killing the guards and going through the door. In the next room you'll see a couple of guards, and also some treasure. Pick it up for extra points, and head out. You'll see a small hallway. Continue through that and you'll come to a large, square room with two doors. Head straight and you'll go to Quite a large hallway, that may have a number of guards around. Kill the guards you see, but turn left at the hallway. Enter the door, and there's the exit!

However, you can also access the secret level. When you first enter the room, turn 90 degrees right, and press the wall right in front of you. When you just enter the secret room, also do the same. You'll be taken to the room with the secret elevator. Check the map for more help. All walls with white squares around them are pushable.

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